About Us

What can I say? 
We are Soul Mates.

One being just as neurotic as the other.
Two peas in a pod.

Granger is a standard Goldendoodle breed from Rainfield Goldendoodles in Houston, Texas. She is currently 45 pounds and does not shed. She is highly intelligent, loyal, protective and ball crazy. If it comes down to saving her Chuckit ball or me....let's just say I hope I never fall in a well without a Chuckit ball.

Granger was named by my son Max. Max had just turned 9. Her name is derived from the Harry Potter character, Hermione Granger.

Other than the neurosis, I'm your typical stay at home mom. Typical-Smypical. 
I'm a....
Jesus Praiser
Russian Adopter 
Doodle Rescue Foster Momma
Green Thumb Growing Fool
Idea Maker
Magazine Junkie
DIY Decorator
iPhone Picture Taker
OCD Organized - Everything Has a Place
Sensory Freak Out {so no hugging or tight clothes}
Exercise Hater and 
Sweet Tea Drinker

I love the South, Texas, Sand & My Family with a Deep Passion
I Just Do My Best.

Oh, and this man. Still makes my knees weak & my heart skip a beat.