Filling of the Kongs - Pumpkin Style

Filling of the Kongs.
1. A couple chunks of pumpkin (I bought a small pumpkin from my grocery store), chopped in mini food processor.
2. A couple chunks of apple, also put in my mini processor.
3. Scoop of Peanut Butter.
4. A pinch of steel cut oats.
5. A spoonful of coconut oil.
6. A spoonful of water.
Mix together. Put a hard treat in the bottom of each kong or you can use some of your dogs dry food if you normally serve this type. Scoop mixture into a ziplock bag and then cut off a corner to pipe the mixture into the Kongs. Freeze and serve frozen for extra effort.
Hodge Podge Kong Filling. Normally I would add yogurt and/or bananas but I did not have any on hand. I only use what is available in my kitchen. Spinach & Green Beans are also good mixed! My apple may or may not have seen better days. It's a good thing Granger does not care!
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Christy & Granger