2-Ingredient Straight Out of the Pantry Dog Treats

Say what? 
AND you should have these ingredients in your pantry. 
So what ya waiting for? Get to baking. Your shaggy friend will thank you (& me!).
I'll also be sharing on Shaggy Dog Eats.
What you need:

1-cup of flour, any variety that your dog tolerates
1/2-cups of any variety broth/water, use what is safe for your dog 

350 preheated oven. Mix. Cook for 25 minutes for a chewy treat.
Hints: Because the type of flour you use will change the consistency in the recipe, if the dough is too soft/sticky, add a little more flour. If the dough is too stiff, add a little water/broth. Cook for less time if you want a softer treat, longer for crispier treats.

Christy & Granger