Celebrating Dog Birthdays with Shaggy Dog Eats!

Go straight to page 13 in Shaggy Dog Eats! If you don't have a copy of Shaggy Dog Eats!, you are in luck. Amazon is running a promotion for 20% off but hurry, Amazon likes to change it's mind.

Is this not the cutest birthday celebration in all the land? Colleen used the Shaggy Dog Eats! Celebration Cake recipe on page 13 to make these adorable pup-cakes. That girl has mad talents.

Happy Birthday!

That looks like a stink eye! I think you better give Liam 2 cupcakes.

(photo credits go to: IG: liamandlila)


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*the honey in the Celebration Cake recipe is optional or you can add 1/3 cup.

Party on Doods!