Giving Back, Paying it Forward, Karma ~ IDOG Doodle Rescue

Call it what you want but don't look away.

It's a long winding story how I got involved with Doodle rescue. It started with a breeder (who I adore), a dog we named Granger, a Girl with a Frat Dog & a doodle that was found roaming the streets of Houston.

You see, Houston has an over-population of stray animals. One point Two Million. Yes, that's right. 1.2 million stray animals roam the streets of one city.

Meet Brewster

He received a happy ending thanks to a lot of people and IDOG Doodle Rescue. He is one of Houston's 1.2 million - 1.  One at a time IDOG is helping to save the Doodles that end up in high kill shelters, on Free Ad listings on Craigs List, Owner Surrenders & other situations. 

The point is, IDOG is making a difference. I have seen it first hand. Just ask Olive, Gus, Charlotte, Lincoln & Wesson. IDOG works all over the US & sometimes even Canada!

These are the babies that I have fostered and by foster I mean, loved, fed, trained, & mended. This is why this post is so important to me. IDOG needs us. Yes, I'm talking to you & me.  Please consider giving a monthly recurring contribution. I do. It's not much but it reminds me every month to do more. It reminds me to hug my Doodle a little tighter and it reminds me to be grateful. 

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Thank you for your consideration. Go to this link. 

(it looks like this, click the 2nd donate button)

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Just be sure to check that small box that says RECURRING MONTHLY donation.

The Doodles are counting on us.

~Christy & Granger~